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Hello, Asheforde Oaks Homeowners,

    We would also like to talk to you about our HOA annual dues.  The dues are not voluntary and are required to be paid yearly and in a timely manner.  As of February 1, all unpaid dues are considered delinquent and subject to a lien being placed on your property.  Those who have not paid will not be allowed to vote on any actions at the annual meeting and, if a member of the pool, you will not be allowed access to the pool.  A list will be kept at the pool and you will be turned away.  Any lien will have to be paid before a home can be sold.  Also, it is not only the dues that will need to be paid, but also interest and attorney’s fees.  Dues are used to maintain both entrances, all common areas and the pool.  We want to continue to present our subdivision as one of the best in Edmond.  For most, our homes are the single largest investment we have.  Please help us keep our subdivision looking good.

HOA Board


Election Results From AOHOA Annual Meeting

Leila Pepper, President
Barry Black, Vice President
Matt McLean, Treasurer
Tommy Johnston, Secretary
Colter Morey, Director (newly elected)
Rico Rumph, Director (re-elected)
Will Shisler, Director (re-elected)

Sign-Up sheets were available for those interested in assisting with committees. 
If interested in joining, please use the "Contact Us' form on our website:  OR contact the committee chair person:

Pool Committee (newly formed -- description was made available and is available upon request)
Chair: Matt McLean

Playground Committee; Chair: Leila Pepper

Architecture Committee; Chair: Will Shisler

Your board members look forward to serving our neighborhood!

Sincerely, The AOHOA board
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