Your HOA Board considers your health and safety of great importance during this unusual time that we are living in.  Accordingly we have revised the pool rules seen on the POOL page.

News and Events

This section of the website will give you more detailed information about what is happening in our neighborhood.  Click on the subheadings to read the most recent newsletter or register for the newsletter, find information regarding events, what may be lost, what has been found, etc.  This is YOUR neighborhood, so let us know if there is other information you need!  If you have something that needs published in the Newsletter, please go to the Contact section of the Website and send us information.



Statement from the Asheforde Oaks HOA Board:

“Through an abundance of caution for our residents during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Asheforde Oaks HOA Board has decided to postpone the annual meeting, normally held in February, until a future date.  The treasurer is finalizing the financials for 2020 as well as the budget for 2021.  A copy of the financials can be requested through the contact link on the HOA website.

Thank you for your patience and stay well.”



To keep our neighborhood a desirable place  to live, here are a few reminders: 
  • As spring approaches please remember to pick up after your pets and ensure the kids don’t leave water bottles and trash in the common areas.  Also, please respect the private property of other homeowners. There have been a few complaints to the Board.

  • As a reminder, HOA covenants state that boats, trailers and other items of this type cannot be maintained in driveways. Overnight parking of any vehicle is not allowed on the streets and vehicles may not be parked in yards.  If you have any questions about the HOA By-Laws or covenant and deed restrictions, you may view and download them from the HOA's website,
Thanks, everyone, and have a great spring and summer!




Hello, Asheforde Oaks Homeowners,

    We would also like to talk to you about our HOA annual dues.  The dues are not voluntary and are required to be paid yearly and in a timely manner.  As of February 1, all unpaid dues are considered delinquent and subject to a lien being placed on your property.  Those who have not paid will not be allowed to vote on any actions at the annual meeting and, if a member of the pool, you will not be allowed access to the pool.  A list will be kept at the pool and you will be turned away.  Any lien will have to be paid before a home can be sold.  Also, it is not only the dues that will need to be paid, but also interest and attorney’s fees.  Dues are used to maintain both entrances, all common areas and the pool.  We want to continue to present our subdivision as one of the best in Edmond.  For most, our homes are the single largest investment we have.  Please help us keep our subdivision looking good.

HOA Board

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