Safety & Security

If you are interested in getting involved with the Neighborhood Watch Planning Committee, please contact a board member or respond to the newsletter e-mail. Volunteers are needed for this new committee.

Safety Courtesy Reminders

Please watch out for children playing outside, yes and sometimes in the streets. 


Sex Offender Registry

Oklahoma Law requires all convicted sex offenders to register their current address with local law enforcement agencies. The law requires agencies to make that information available to the public. For information about current sex offenders registered within the Edmond city limits, visit

Neighborhood Safety & Security Tips

  • If your home or car has been burglarized or vandalized, please contact the Edmond Police Department and report the incident. They may not be able to "solve" the crime, but they do keep crime statistics that determine where police will patrol throughout the city. We will be more likely to have police monitor the neighborhood if they know about recent crimes. We can explore the options involved in private security, but lets take advantage of our tax dollars and let the City Police help us as well.
  • Each of our homes has outdoor lighting. Turn them on at night and leave them on all night. Turning them out at bedtime really just alerts someone that we are not up and gives them darkness to hide in.
  • Park cars in garages. If that is not possible, remember to lock your cars and bring any valuables inside.
  • Don't park cars on the streets overnight. Our covenants prohibit this, not only for aesthetic reasons, but for safety reasons as well. An unusual car parked on our streets at night will stand out.
  • Always leave your garage door closed if you are inside your home or not at home.
  • Be sure you know who is at your door before answering.
  • If you see unusual or suspicious activity in the neighborhood, phone the Edmond Police Department. Their non-emergency number is 359.4420.
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